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  • Is something in your life draining your energy?
  • Are you suffering with stress, anxiety or depression?
  • Do you have imaginary conversations with other people?
  • Have you reached a plateau, and need to break that glass ceiling and expand your world?
  • Have you lost someone or something special, and you're finding it hard to move on?
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  • One to One

    Any issue can be resolved in a safe secure environment.  There are no judgements and the process is not about what is bothering you, but the intensity of what you feel about it. There are no rights or wrongs, just peace and resolution to be obtained.

  • Couples

    If you are facing challenges with a partner, sibling or friend, take this opportunity to work it out so that you have a path to move forward together, or have an amicable separation without resentments, bitterness, volatility and regrets.

  • Groups

    If there is a family or small group issue that needs to be resolved so that all involved can move on feeling satisfied, this resolution session can save hours of debate and remove obstacles, saving time and energy to do what needs to be done.

Give Yourself permission to be Yourself

The Ultimate Human Transformation Methodology

The Demartini Method™ is a breakthrough discovery and cutting edge transformation tool, which results in a new and refreshing paradigm in thinking and feeling.

It is a systematic pre-determined series of mental questions and physical actions, directed toward the objective of bringing an individual into a state of presence and certainty.

It is a procedure that neutralises a person’s emotional charges, and balances and clears their mind.

It allows an individual to live a purposeful and empowered life.

What will I gain by attending a session?

ACCELERATE the resolution of your life challenges, to bring bring calm and fulfilment to your life.

  • Immediate Relief

    Shifting your perception, provides immediate relief to what is bothering you. One session/workshop is all it takes to lift that cloud, so that you can focus on resolving the next challenge in your life!

  • Repeatable

    The methodology deployed, can be used by you again with future challenges.  Not only is your current issue resolved, you will be armed with a new technique in your toolkit that you will have forever.

  • Sustainable

    New challenges are filtered through a different viewpoint.  Your ability to deal with challenge and support will be changed forever, enabling you to move forward with a more empowered life.

Problems and Emotional Issues addressed at sessions

Don't expect to manage your LIFE, until you can manage your EMOTIONS

What areas of my LIFE can this HELP me with?

Any area in life you are not EMPOWERED, you will be OVERPOWERED!


The wheel of life is split into seven areas. For most of us, there are three or four of these more important; the ones we value most. This methodology can be applied to any area.


Develop self-worth leading to net-worth, moderate overspending, stop self sabotage, expand your time, horizons, develop patience and strategies for financial freedom, increase ingenuity and creation for building wealth.


Organise your ideas and thoughts, add certainty and clarify purpose, expand your mind, help gain wisdom, develop curiosity and intelligent thinking, free your intuition and imagination and develop your mental ability.


Generate leadership qualities, greater reflective awareness, influence others, develop belonging and respect, increase understanding of world events and your contribution to effect change outside of yourself.


You can expect to enhance communication, resolve conflicts, decrease blame, add respect and appreciation, caring and security, and improve relationships and connections.


You can add more certainty and clarity to your career direction, critically appraise decisions, enhance your self-direction, increase competence and professionalism, inspire your inner motivation and ambition, generate leadership qualities.


Dissolve emotional tensions, add vitality, decrease stress, calm and relax the body, sleep better, balance your internal physiology, build tone and beauty, and have a life filled with challenge, novelty and change.


Awaken your mind to your inner purpose, and the hidden order in the chaos of your life. Develop a greater appreciation for life, open your mind and heart to true love and abundance. Enhance authenticity, discernment and temperance.

What the clients have to say...

Move out of the SHADOWS, and shine your LIGHT.

I was facing chemotherapy and I was in complete denial and feeling very panicked.  Pauline helped me to get rid of my fears and see my treatments as on the way, and not in the way. They went very well, and I am ready to embrace life to the full, and looking forward to the future with a new lease of life. I am delighted to recommend Pauline to anyone.

Age 53

Unhealthy eating habits were ruining my life. I wanted to get fit and feel better, but failed at every attempt.  Pauline helped me realise that my behaviour was symptomatic of deeper issues. Once she helped me resolve these issues, I was able to take control of my unhealthy habits and enjoy life to the full. I have also started painting again, and feel really good about myself.

Age 46

My career had stalled and my self-confidence was shattered.  After working with Pauline I now have a plan.  I am invigorated, focused and most of all on track. My stress levels have dramatically decreased, and my family and friends have really noticed the difference in my mood and outlook. It was a tremendous help and I can't thank Pauline enough.

Age 39

Pauline is a force. She is direct, clear and honest. I was allowing myself be pulled in too many directions with my growing business. Within a couple of sessions with Pauline, I had a clear action list. I re-organised my team to allow for much needed delegation, and gained the skills to communicate good and bad news effectively and respectfully to my whole team.

Age 49


How long is a session? +

Your first session is usually 2 to 2.5 hours. Sessions after that are 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the speed at which we work.  It is important that you feel comfortable, and things will only move along at a pace that is appropriate.

How many sessions will I need? +

We work on one issue per session, starting on the most pressing problem first.  Normally six sessions resolve all the major issues, and then you will have the tools to continue working on your own. Clients regularly check back in once a quarter, to make sure they are still on track.

How will I feel after my session? +

You will feel relieved after your session, but you will also feel tired.  Sessions are interactive, and the questions can be demanding.  You will be challenged at times, and may need to move out of your comfort zone.  As you progress, it is less taxing.

Can I do my session on skype? +

I am happy to do Skype sessions, google hangouts or some other video tools. If possible, the first session should be face to face, but not a necessity.  Depending on your location, it may also be possible to meet at your home or another venue.

Transform Your Future...

Increase wise ACTIONS -  Decrease foolish REACTION