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  • Ever wish you could be SLIM, FIT or confident?
  • Do you want better CAREER success or to grow your BUSINESS?
  • Would you like to have more MONEY in your LIFE?
  • Would you like to find a partner, or enjoy a better RELATIONSHIP with loved ones?
  • Would you like to know your PURPOSE, or contribute more to the world?
  • Ever wonder what is holding you BACK?
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  • How many people?

    Group workshops are discreet and interactive. I could just give you a set of tools, but these workshops are about the application of that knowledge, so that you go home resolved and not with all the work to do.  To make this happen, numbers are limited for the workshops.

  • Where are they?

    I host group worshops in my conference rooms nestled in the beautiful scenic village of Ashford, Co Wicklow, which is only 45 minutes from Dublin City Centre.  I am also happy to attend on-site locations if you have a group interested in the workshop, so just drop me a note or give me a call.

  • How long are they?

    Group workshops range from a 1/2 day to 2 days in duration. There is a lot to cover, and your participation and commitment are required to get the result we want for you. There are no skills required to attend, and everybody can participate.  If you have any concerns, please give me a call.

One problem - Many minds

Workshops are dedicated to one issue - One plus one is greater than two!

Workshops are designed to change your mindset, and to build desire for what you want to achieve.

Desire is created by stacking the benefits of what you want, to create a compelling picture that leaves you inspired to take action.

A group of people building benefits on the same issue leads to synergies, and generates more benefits as different people contribute.  This approach gets the job done faster with a compelling result.

What will I gain by attending a GROUP WORKSHOP?

ACCELERATE your DESIRE so that you can take successful ACTION on what you WANT most in your LIFE.

  • Understand Past Failures

    There are no failures – we’re just not looking to the part of our lives where we have enjoyed success. Seeing where we have been successful is key. Perceived past failures can also be as a result of subordination.  Owning your power and genius contributes to your success.

  • Break old associations

    Sometimes we say that we want things in our lives that we have negative associations with. We will always self-sabotage if this is the case.  If you think rich people are mean misers and that this is bad, attracting money will prove difficult.

  • Build Desire and Plans

    When we believe we deserve it, or that it is a good thing, or that we want it or would love to have it, we are inspired towards getting our stated intent.  Aligned with a realistic solid plan, we are on the way to realising our dreams so that they will manifest in our lives.

Group workshops

Don't expect to manage your LIFE until you can manage your EMOTIONS

What areas of my LIFE can this HELP me with?

Any area in life you are not EMPOWERED you will be OVERPOWERED!


The wheel of life is split into seven areas. For most of us there are three or four of these more important, the ones we value most. This methodology can be applied to any area.


Develop self-worth leading to net-worth, moderate overspending, stop self sabotage, expand your time horizons, develop patience and strategies for financial freedom, increase ingenuity and creation for building wealth.


Organise your ideas and thoughts, add certainty and clarify purpose, expand your mind, help gain wisdom, develop curiosity and intelligent thinking, free your intuition and imagination and develop your mental ability.


Generate leadership qualities, greater reflective awareness, influence others, develop belonging and respect, increase understanding of world events and your contribution to effect change outside of yourself.


You can expect to enhance communication, resolve conflicts, decrease blame, add respect and appreciation, caring and security, improve relationships and connections.


You can add more certainty and clarity to your career direction, critically appraise decisions, enhance your self-direction, increase competence and professionalism, inspire your inner motivation and ambition, generate leadership qualities.


Dissolve emotional tensions, add vitality, decrease stress, calm and relax the body, sleep better and balance your internal physiology, build tone and beauty, and have a life filled with challenge, novelty and change.


Awaken your mind to your inner purpose and the hidden order in the chaos of your life. Develop a greater appreciation for life, open your mind and heart to true love and abundance.  Enhance authenticity, discernment and temperance.

What the clients have to say...

Move out of the SHADOWS and shine your LIGHT.

I attended Pauline's emotions workshop.  I was having a difficult time dealing with my mother's illness and didn't feel well in myself.  I was very near the edge.  I now feel that I have my life back and I am the one driving it. I now have plans for the future.

Age 43

I was really worried about my brother and it consumed my life day and night.  After working with Pauline, I now have clarity and certainty in my life and I have gotten rid of the guilt.  I'm now back in control of my own life, and I feel so much better.

Age 33

My career had stalled and my self confidence was shattered.  After working with Pauline, I now have a plan.  I am invigorated and focused, and most of all on track. It is a load off my mind and I am excited.  My self-confidence is restored.

Age 39

After attending the money values workshop, I now understood why I never had any!  Knowing why was a relief alone!  It was a great workshop, and I now feel that my view of money has completely changed as I am making different decisions.

Age 36


What is the timing and duration of Group Workshops? +

Workshops listed above are two days long.  Day 1, we start at 8 am and we are usually finished at around 6 pm. Day 2, we kick off at 9.30 am and finish at about 5.30 pm. I do have shorter workshops available on request if you have a group, so please contact me to discuss.

Will my problem be resolved after the Group Workshop? +

We work hard at the workshop to help you resolve any conflicts about what you desire, and make it more important to you.  Once other difficulties are resolved, you may change your viewpoint about your desires.  You will have a clear understanding of what you want, why you want it, and what you will need to give up to achieve it.

How will I feel after the Group Workshop? +

You will feel relieved and enthusiastic after your workshop, but you will also feel tired. Workshops are interactive and you will be challenged at times, and may need to move out of your comfort zone.

Do you do sessions outside Ireland +

I am happy to travel to other locations, so please contact me directly to discuss. I do on occasion complete workshops on webinar (max 6 people), and I will have an online option available in the near future.

Transform Your Future...

Increase wise ACTIONS -  Decrease foolish REACTION

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