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  • Are you struggling with Change Management?
  • Are your Business actions REACTIVE rather than PROACTIVE?
  • Is the Strategic Plan relevant and actionable?
  • Is INNOVATION on the WISH list, and not on the TO DO list?
  • Do you need to develop the Human Capital to GROW the business?
  • Are you struggling with information overload and complexity?
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  • How many people?

    I work with both individuals and groups.  All services are bespoke to meet the needs of your organisation, while empowering the participants with tools that can be leveraged repeatedly.  In addition to the services below, I can also provide personal consultations to employees on private issues.

  • What services are provided?

    I have covered the details of my most popular services below, but I can develop a program to suit your organisation or unique requirements. Complex issues/problems can be addressed with a custom made solution, developed for your organisation. Active participation or facilitation are also options that are available.

  • Time is Money

    Time away from your work has an opportunity cost involved, so all of my services are timely, relevant and designed to make an impact.  Having worked at an executive level in the corporate world, I can quickly grasp the concepts and issues of a business problem, saving much time when receiving your brief.

A DIFFERENT approach for your BUSINESS

When everyone is winning, it is so much easier for the TEAM to win the GAME!

The pace of change in today's fast moving business world is accelerating daily.  Businesses are challenged by uncertainty, globalisation, policy and regulatory changes, technology, data, complexity, innovation and diversity.

It is difficult sometimes to see the wood for the trees.  This can leave the Human Capital over stressed, manic and reactionary and without the right skills to bring back purpose, focus, deliberate action and direction for business success.

While challenge helps us all to develop and grow, too much pressure leads to burnout and poor performance. Developing staff to keep perspective in conjunction with the right tools leads to peak performance, a win for the business and a win the employees!

What IMPACT will this have on my TEAM?

To win a RACE, we need the run the most DIRECT route available at the best PACE!

  • Clear Mind

    It is difficult to know what to do when our minds are clouded and as a result, decisions can be misdirected. Effective decisions need a clear head. When our mind is clear and our decisions are based on rational thought, then we have clarity and purpose to move ahead.

  • Decision making

    With clarity and purpose we are able to make more effective decisions, but to make these decisions with certainty and efficiently, it is a technique that is highly desirable. Strategic Thinking requires clarity, purpose and certainty, combined with critical thinking for true leadership.

  • Problem Solving

    All great plans can go astray in the face of unforeseen events.  Great plans allow for obstacles that can be predicted, with strategies to overcome them.  But in the face of adversity, quick problem solving skills are essential to navigate away from the unexpected.

Business solutions

Getting to the next level is made so much easier with the right HELP!

Making  your FUTURE happen

If you do not prioritise your actions, low distracting priorities will come in to take up your time


Don't let it happen!  To make good, clear minded decisions, you must come from a place of balance with a clear mind.  Being proactive rather than reactive, means that you get to choose your direction, purpose and success.  Successful strategic plans come from a rational mind, not an emotional one.


Good plans are built to reduce uncertainty through a model of anticipation. However, not all events can be foreseen, so no plan should be set in stone.  If the finishing line shifts, so should the strategy to get there!


Our ability to adapt to changing environments dictates our success in life.  This is true for an organisation. What worked in the past, is not the success model that will work in the future. With open minds we can seize opportunity and unlock potential.


Strategic recognition at the peak of success is where the greatest vulnerability can occur, but it is essential for the longevity of the organisation.  A clear mind is not just for the troubled times, but for making sure that staying ahead is part of the vision and mission.


Change Management success requires excellent communication skills and speedy resolution of conflicts.  Large projects that involve multiple layers of the organisation reporting to different hierarchies, can result in less than optimal solutions being deployed, costing time and money.


There is no ASSET on the balance sheet for human capital. Progressive companies know that to be in a great place to WORK, it is linked to the quality of training, development and opportunity for staff, and attracting and retaining the right talent.


Developing leadership is a key performance indicator of an organisations ability to succeed and prosper.  Talent development, management and succession planning require that you arm your leaders of today and tomorrow, with many different tools.


Most innovative ideas come from the human capital in the organisation; the people with their finger truly on the pulse. These resources need the opportunity to be untapped, so that they can unleash the potential that already exists there.

Some of the organisations I have worked with...

Change and GROW, Stagnate and DECAY


How long does a mentorship program last? +

Workshops listed above are 2 days long.  Day 1, we start at 8 am and we are usually finished around 6 pm. Day 2 we kick off at 9.30 am and finish at about 5.30 pm. I do have shorter workshops available on request if you have a group, so please contact me to discuss.

How long is a coaching program last +

A standard coaching program is typically 12 x 1 hour sessions with the employee, and an average of 4 hours spent with line management and subordinates.

Do you participate or facilitate? +

You will feel excited and invigorated after your workshop, but you may also feel tired.  Workshops are interactive, and you will be challenged at times.  You may need to move out of your comfort zone, so you should factor in some time for yourself to relax, after the workshop ends.

What are the next steps? +

Please give me a call and we can set up a meeting to discuss your requirements.  +353 87 258 8089

Transform Your Future...

Increase wise ACTIONS -  Decrease foolish REACTION

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