Sometimes you need help immediately and not in two weeks time.

I keep a number of select sessions free for dealing with issues for when you are feeling at breaking point. Available on Skype/Facetime/Messenger/Google Hangouts/Phone......

Book your session now or if you prefer we can have a complementary 15 minute chat to see if you feel comfortable about us working together.

Would you like to talk?

Issues need practical and sometimes alternative solutions.  My innovative strategies will challenge you. Sessions are interactive with the intent to shift your perception so then you can change your life! An amazing alternative to traditional counselling, coaching and problem resolution!

  • Who matters - You matter, there is the judgement.
  • What matters - Your feelings, the intensity of how you feel about your issue.
  • When it matters - Your peace of mind is disturbed, time and space is taken up in your head.
  • Why it matters - Your purpose, so you can get on with your life and achieve your dreams.

    Eva, age 45

    My life was just one big mess.  I am just so grateful for the difference Pauline's help has made. I got out of a bad relationship, recovered from the loss of my father, and I have now started a new career where I am valued and appreciated. I think a lot more of myself now, and I expect better and feel more in control of my life.

    Liam, age 29

    I was so embarrassingly infatuated with this girl, my life was complete torture.  It took one session to sort it out and after 5 years of long suffering unrequited love (or so I thought), it was a huge relief! I now have a great girlfriend, and I view relationships in a totally different way.  I let go of past insecurities, and my mood is much better.

    Clare, age 37

    I suffered badly from post-natal depression after the birth of my first child.  Despite counselling, two years on it still preyed heavily on my mind and affected many areas in my life.   My biggest fear was that it would happen again. A number of sessions with Pauline resolved these issues, and now I am pregnant again and very happy.

    John, age 44

    Dealing with cancer at any stage in life is not easy, I had a wife and young family. I did some sessions with Pauline and then brought along my wife. This brought us closer together and helped us deal with what lay ahead.  We resolved some issues that were there before the cancer, and I am so grateful to Pauline for helping us through this.

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